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Here’s a few things coming up for Vigilant Minds

Last Days Bible Conference

Was a Huge Success!!!

Thanks to all who attended and contributed.

We have 3 videos from the conference that you can now watch

Visit WebsiteDon McAreavy: May the Force be With You. LDBC 2019
Don McAreavy: Mormonism’s Fascination with the Dead. LDBC 2019
Don McAreavy: A Tale of Two Temples.

What the Cults think of Jesus!!

Our class will be starting up again this fall !!!

We will be covering the Trinity, Diety of Christ and the Diety of the Holy Spirit.

Starting Wednesday September 25th  until October 23rd at Centre Street Church.  (5 weeks)

 Are you a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness?  We would be overjoyed to have you atttend our class, ask questions, and utimately learn the truth.

The course is free to attend.

Centre Street Church

Theatre A (7-9 Pm)

3900 2nd St NE Calgary, AB T2E 9C1

Info from Centre Street Church

Couldn’t Make it to our Class?
Watch the video!


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