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Here’s a few things coming up for Vigilant Minds

Last Days Bible Conference

Was a Huge Success!!!

Thanks to all who attended and contributed.

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Defending the Faith

Our Tuesday night class on the cults is now over.  Thanks to everyone who participated !!!

Let us know what you thought of the class or would like to know more, we’ll hopefully be running it again in the fall. 

Are you a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness?  We would be overjoyed to have you atttend our class, ask questions, and utimately learn the truth.

Thanks to all who attended the RMCC Ladies Retreat

Our esteemed ladies of RMCC had a great weekend out at Camp Caroline

It was a wonderful weekend. I took copious notes. Some of the material presented could even be shared with the Vig Minders. Thought provoking and tender at the same time. Awesome.

It was amazing!! Got to know more ladies and the speakers where amazing!! It was a first class retreat! Thanks so so much for sending me !!!

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