Don’t you dare think for yourself !

Don’t you dare think for yourself !

To challenge a leader of the LDS Church brings certain condemnation and disapproval from God on High.

Let's just ponder this for a second. To even question the motives or the actions of the appointed head of the church automatically puts you in God's bad graces?

God gave you the ability to reason, to contemplate, debate and think critically for a reason. If God really is omniscient and omnipresent wouldn't his word and direction stand up to a little (or a lot of ) honest debate?

But lets consider an honest debate. Not with the intention of causing controversy or needlessly causing strife. But with an intention of knowing the truth, in love, with respect and compassion.

I mean, that's a pretty bold statement to say you "speak for God". So if Joseph Fielding Smith says we'd never get to the Moon, and then we do...... what else could he be wrong about???


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