Defecting From Bethel

Defecting From Bethel

Watch the compelling story of Lindsay Davis who defected from Bethel. This is an exclusive from the creators at Apologia Studios and is from the popular show, "Cultish". On this episode of Cultish, Jeff Durbin and Jeremiah Roberts interview about her time at Bethel. The story is shocking in many ways and needs to be heard.

This is really worth watching because it highlights the similarities that cults share; such as

  • secret knowledge
  • relying on a feeling for the truth
  • love bombing
  • not questioning authority
  • needing more than what the bible provides

I don't personally know alot about the Bethel Church at the moment, but this is at least a compelling interview (only part 1 so far) about how the God of the Bible is God of reason and discernment.  God has said he expects us to be discerning, (test the spirits,1 John 4).

The interviewers setup the interview in this first video, hopefully we'll hear her talk a bit more in the 2nd instalment.

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