100 billion unanswered prayers

100 billion unanswered prayers


Do you know how much a Billion is? If you were to receive one dollar every second, you would be a millionaire in 11 days, but you'd be a billionaire in 31 years.  And apparently the LDS church has been hoarding cash for a long time.

But being wealthy isn't a sin, being financially prudent and making wise financial decisions is commended in the bible. Think of the parable of the tenants, the servant who didn't do anything with his investment was chastised for not at least making interest on what he was given.

The LDS church has enjoyed tax-free status as a non-profit entity for many years on the basis that the money they would have is donated for humanitarian needs.  Apparently of the billions of dollars of surplus that the church enjoys, less than 0.1% is given up for charity.  Funny, that's a sharp contrast from the actions of Paul when he wrote to the Corinthians about not accepting any money from them so no one would have any reason of even accusing him of financial profit for the sake of the gospel.

Not only have they stockpiled a lot of cash, but they also have billions of dollars invested in stock portfolios and commercial real-estate.  That doesn't really sound like a charitable entity.

So when a member has to settle up with their ward leader on their tithe to become "temple worthy" or have to pay all the expenses related to their mission, maybe they should ask;  "what for"?  I mean if you had a billionaire uncle that wanted you to do some business for you, wouldn't he cover your expenses?

The LDS Church uses the excuse that the money is for when Christ returns. Why does Jesus need money?? He spoke the world into existence.


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