Moroni is fading

Moroni is fading

September 21 of this year marks the 200th anniversary of the date that Joseph Smith claimed to have been visited by the Angel Moroni in Palmyra, New York.

Moroni instructed Joseph where to dig up sacred plates that he translated into the Book of Mormon, which is the cornerstone for a new world religion boasting a membership of 17 million across the globe.

Though they have achieved a degree of cultural acceptance, especially among American Christians, there remains a suspicion that Mormon beliefs are fundamentally irrational, if not heretical.

Evidence that Smith used the same seer stone, which he utilized in his treasure digging enterprise to unearth priceless wonders, as the medium to translate the Book of Mormon, was confirmation enough for discerning Christian leaders to keep Mormonism at arm’s length.

However, the devotees of Joseph Smith, who regarded the appearance of the Book of Mormon as evidence that they were living in the end times, soon elevated Moroni to the prestige of the angel prophesied in the Book of Revelation who preaches the gospel to every nation, kindred, and tongue.

For decades, Mormons were proud of their “peculiar” status, and delighted in the crowning of every new temple with the image of Moroni as a celebrated herald.

After decades of slow, uneasy, but steady cultural assimilation, Mormons appeared on the brink of cultural acceptance by the 1970’s. 

However, following the Jonestown disaster, where 909 souls were lost to suicide, the evangelical community was on a crusade to expose deceitful religions promulgating a false Jesus, a false spirit, and a false gospel.  Mormonism was one of the main targets in the cross hairs and was forced to adapt to assimilate in order to be accepted as “Christian.”

While the Mormon Church has rapidly increased its construction of temples, most of these new sacred buildings no longer feature the Angel Moroni.  What next!  In order to appear Christian will crosses adorn Mormon edifices in the future?


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