Don’t you dare think for yourself !

To challenge a leader of the LDS Church brings certain condemnation and disapproval from God on High. Let’s just ponder this for a second. To even question the motives or the actions of the appointed head of the church automatically puts you in God’s bad graces? God gave you the ability to reason, to contemplate,…
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The Mormon Nativity Pageant

By Don McAreavy I haven’t been to the LDS Nativity Pageant in Calgary for many years but thought I should take it in after the notice that these events may come to a close after 2019.   What struck me the most was the brevity of the production – it couldn’t have been more than…
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Hello Visitor!

Welcome to Vigilant Minds! You might be wondering who or what we are? We are a cult support ministry in Calgary, AB. Our group was founded by ex Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and concerned Christians. Our group is attended by mostly ex JW and LDS, but we also have had persons from a variety of legalistic…
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