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Introduction to Mormonism

Has been Postponed until Fall 2020

We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment as a result of this decision.

If you currently have an LDS friend you are reaching out to and would like some support, prayer, tips, Katherine would be happy to hear from you and answer any questions. Her email is

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Faith Beyond Belief

Be Ready 2020

The Be Ready 2020 conference will give you a boldness and confidence to have conversations that matter with your family and friends. You’ll be trained and equipped to talk effectively on matters of faith, covering a wide range of issues.

Keynote speakers this year include Dr. William Lane Craig, Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology; Dr. Craig Hazen, Professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University; Dr. John Bloom, Professor of Physics at Biola University and Natasha Crain, international speaker and author on how Christian parents can train up their kids in the faith.

Conference Website

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A description of the elements that make up a cult. More specifically, how Mormonism and the Watchtower view the Deity of Jesus and thier views on the Trinity.

What is a Cult?

A biblical explanation of the doctrine of the Trinity and how the Trinity has been altered in updated “Revelations” by Latter-day Saints and the Watchtower.

The Trinity

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The church (LDS) has taught members to believe that church-approved materials were the most trustworthy source of information about the church. The Church also warns that anti-Mormon literature is full[…]

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Were the Nephites the “other sheep”?

A summary of 2 Nephi 29 is that the new revelation divinely granted to Joseph Smith confirms Christ intended to confirm the Nephites under the wing of the Jewish blessing[…]

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Last Days Conference 2019

Was a Huge Success!!!  Thanks to all who attended and contributed. We have 3 videos from the conference that you can now watch

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