Author: Nate P

Name Change

I think it’s appropriate to start with this video by current President and Prophet Russel M. Nelson.  This video is 14 min long, you can either sit though it or read the transcript at I’ve come to realise how very significant this course of actions is by the LDS church. I came to hear…
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When will the Mormon Church Come Clean about the Book of Abraham?

Here are the sources for this information, they’re quite detailed so I’ve done my best to give a high-level summary on this topic. if  you want a really technical explanation of the text there’s a great summary here: The Book of Abraham was derived from an ancient hieroglyphic document that Joseph Smith…
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Bending under the weight of social pressure

From:  Major changes to Mormon temple ceremony, especially for women Religion News Service (Feb 14, 2019) The LDS Church once again has bowed to the social pressures of society and has started changing doctrine on worship and temple rituals. This time to be more inclusive of the role of women.  Like the author suggests,…
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Mormon fighting to end youth interviews ousted from faith

Originally From Fox News – ( By BRADY McCOMBS | Associated Press ) Published September 16 Sam Young reacts after reading a letter detailing his excommunication proceedings from the Mormon Church during a news conference Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, near Temple Square, in Salt Lake City. Young, a Mormon man who led a campaign criticizing the church’s practice…
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Don’t you dare think for yourself !

To challenge a leader of the LDS Church brings certain condemnation and disapproval from God on High. Let’s just ponder this for a second. To even question the motives or the actions of the appointed head of the church automatically puts you in God’s bad graces? God gave you the ability to reason, to contemplate,…
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