Their true value of women

Their true value of women

How does that old saying go?  Your actions speak louder than words.

There's been a lot of changes in the recognition of the roles of women in the LDS Church, no doubt to the rising influence of the feminist movement in our current day and age.  That recognition is a reaction to the culture; just like slavery, admission of black-skinned people to the priesthood, or the LGBTQ community's growing influence in our current culture and subsequent "revelations" in the LDS church.

But there is an unspoken truth about women in this church.  Women are a tool.

  1. While not discouraged from serving on a mission, there are far more men on missions than women
  2. Women were to harken to their husbands for eternal salvation (this has now changed), their husband was the gateway to God.  Women are the property of their husbands... forever. (how awful if your husband is an evil man)
  3. Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many other pillars of the faith practiced polygamy and taught that it was essential for eternal glory.
  4. Large families are encouraged for spiritual reasons (you need to embody as many spirit children as possible), this vision of pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen is nearly synonymous with the ideal Mormon family.
  5. Claims of sexual abuse are becoming more frequent as it is becoming harder and harder to suppress them. (there is no doubt that this has been a systemic problem since the beginning)

In fact, women cannot:

  • baptize
  • be in charge of congregational finances
  • plan and conduct weekly services
  • plan and conduct special services (weddings, funerals, and holidays)
  • supervise fellow religious leaders who are male as well as female
  • formally counsel church members in an official capacity
  • bless and serve communion

I can't deny that people grow up in loving Mormon families or have a great sense of community within their faith.  But the elite, the ruling class of this church without a doubt have other motives in mind.

This second video of Sister Bednar is very telling. It's what she's not saying that is so powerful. She's in this for the long haul for the relationships she's formed and the family she loves and the duty she has to uphold.

I wonder if she could go back in time, would she choose this life?

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