Letters From Lucy Introduction

Letters From Lucy Introduction

Dear Reader: The following six part dialogue is from a confused former Mormon, whom we shall call Lucy, who has recently received Jesus into her heart.  She has valid questions that we at Vigilant Minds answered and it was suggested that posting these Questions & Answers may help others who are also in the same boat as Lucy.   

Hey Don!

Carol gave me your email and mentioned that you have quite a bit of knowledge about both the Bible and non-denominational Christianity as well as the Mormon faith. I was raised in a very devout Mormon family. My parents and siblings are very Christlike people and are extremely devoted to living a Christlike life and following his example like he asks us to do in the Bible.

My husband and I got sealed in the temple about 10 years ago and during Covid we fell away from the Mormon faith. I was hospitalized for mental health struggles about 6 months ago and joined Christianity by accepting Jesus as my Savior while in the hospital.

I have been feeling deeply conflicted about which direction God wants me to take and how I can best follow him. For some reason, I can’t help but feel like the Mormon faith is true, while at the same time I have my reservations.


(1) Jesus gave his authority by the laying on of hands to his disciples. The only churches (that I know of) that claim to have that same authority is the Mormon Church and the Catholic Church. Without Christ’s authority how are we able to claim to be a part of his church? 

(2) Baptism – Jesus showed us in the bible that we should be baptized. Because he was baptized, and he clearly tells us to follow his example. If we do not follow his example and bear good fruits (actually try to follow him every day and do his will) he talks about the tree being cut down because it bears no good fruits. So it isn’t useful to God.

What I’m wondering is why is baptism only done sometimes? Why is it optional? Carol mentioned you don’t have to be baptized to be a part of the body of Christ. 

(3) Being saved – I have a hard time grasping that you can be saved even if you don’t bear good fruits or live your life trying to follow Jesus, you can still be saved by simply accepting him as your Savior. I think probably because I was raised to believe that there are certain things or “works” you have to do to get to heaven or the celestial kingdom. 

(4) Heaven – Christianity believes that if you have been saved you will go to heaven and be raptured up. While if you have not been saved you will go to hell.

Mormons beliefs are a little more lenient dividing heaven into 3 kingdoms. While claiming that only sons of perdition (which I’m pretty sure means people who have seen the face of God and still denied him) will be in hell with Satan. I like the idea of the Mormons version of heaven, because it shows a little more mercy for those people who really are just trying their best with the hands they’ve been dealt. That being said, God is God and my own thoughts about how it should be don’t matter. I want to know the truth about what I need to do to make it back to live with God.

(5) The Trinity – this one really confuses me. Especially because in the Bible the verbiage says Jesus is the Son of God. But the Trinity says that Jesus IS God descended from heaven in human form. Lots of people say Mormons aren’t true Christians because they believe God the Father, Jesus his Son, and the Holy Spirit are three separate beings with one purpose. 

I am just learning so please correct and teach me your knowledge if anything I’ve said is incorrect. I truly want to follow Christ but feel stuck and confused on so many different opinions and topics. I have been reading my Bible and praying for answers but I can’t find anything that discounts the Mormon Church. Yet things like Joseph Smith’s polygamy, Emma leaving the church, and other church history really bothers me. 

Any insight or knowledge you have would be greatly appreciated. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and being willing to talk to me. I hope and pray my doubts can lead me to answers that will help draw me closer to gods will for me. 

God bless you!

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