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You say this temple points you to Jesus, but did you listen to anything He said?

Image – Remo Casilli / Reuters The LDS Church just opened an impressive new temple in Rome and you can go on a guided tour of some of their most sacred areas.  But if you listen closely you can see that their emphasis is not on Jesus. President Russel M. Nelson explains how the purpose…
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Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are Precious in His sight. Not according to Joseph Smith.

This excerpt is from “Mormonism, Shadow or Reality”, Pages 96A and 96B I can’t take any credit for this, but it’s such a good summary of how the LDS Church is only a product of its current age: The Book of Mormon originally written in the 1800’s, conformed to the prevailing culture at the time.…
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When will the Mormon Church Come Clean about the Book of Abraham?

Here are the sources for this information, they’re quite detailed so I’ve done my best to give a high-level summary on this topic. if  you want a really technical explanation of the text there’s a great summary here: The Book of Abraham was derived from an ancient hieroglyphic document that Joseph Smith…
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Mormon fighting to end youth interviews ousted from faith

Originally From Fox News – ( By BRADY McCOMBS | Associated Press ) Published September 16 Sam Young reacts after reading a letter detailing his excommunication proceedings from the Mormon Church during a news conference Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, near Temple Square, in Salt Lake City. Young, a Mormon man who led a campaign criticizing the church’s practice…
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Don’t you dare think for yourself !

To challenge a leader of the LDS Church brings certain condemnation and disapproval from God on High. Let’s just ponder this for a second. To even question the motives or the actions of the appointed head of the church automatically puts you in God’s bad graces? God gave you the ability to reason, to contemplate,…
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The Mormon Nativity Pageant

By Don McAreavy I haven’t been to the LDS Nativity Pageant in Calgary for many years but thought I should take it in after the notice that these events may come to a close after 2019.   What struck me the most was the brevity of the production – it couldn’t have been more than…
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